For the first in a series of interviews with people within the entertainment industry, we managed to secure a brief chat with NYC based international DJ, and co-creator of the hugely popular Summertime mixtape series, MICK (formerly Mick Boogie)... Here's how it went....

LKP:     What was your first gig like? 

I don't remember exactly but I think it was in a rec center in my dorm room in college.  I'm guessing I sucked lol.

LKP:     When did you pick up your first decks?

I was a senior in high school… so excited.

LKP:     Why the name change? Did you just feel that you had outgrown the Boogie?

Yeah… to me, MICK is a brand that crosses different media and different things I'm working on these days.  So it was time for an edit, a slight shift.

LKP:     Who are your favourite DJs?

Too many to name, honestly.  Anyone with integrity and creativity has a chance to be one of my faves.

LKP:     How did the Summertime series come about?

Jazzy Jeff and I met a few years ago and became good friends, and I suggested a fun, creative collaboration: the rest is history.

LKP:     I got to know your work through Little Brother, how did you hook up with Phonte & the crew? 

They liked my mixtapes.  I - obviously - loved their music.  So we tried to do something fun and everyone really liked it.

LKP:     Who are your favourite producers? There must be a wide variety over all the music that you play.

So many.  Pete Rock.  Premier.  Harry Fraud.  Justice League.  6th Sense.  Viceroy. TWRK.  Calvin Harris.  Jamie XX.

LKP:     You are a truly open format DJ in my eyes, what gave you the confidence to switch to this style, as you come from such a hip hop background? Is it a reflection of the business of DJing in America?

I just love all music - and I want my brand and career to reflect that.

LKP:     What's your favourite ever nightclub gig?

Too many to name.  But I think if i do some in England, those would be my favorite. :)

LKP:     Where do you think DJing culture will head in the next few years now that EDM has taken off in such a big way Stateside?

More evolution.  Less actual deejaying.  More posing.  But more opportunities for deejays - so it's a fair trade off.

LKP:     Ever had a DJ nightmare ( e.g taking the needle off the wrong tune, buggin requests, drinks over the Serato gear)

Tons.  You name it - I've seen it.  But i don't get stressed anymore.  You just smile and move on.

LKP:     Which 5 records you try to squeeze into most sets in 2013?

Anything off Magna Carta.   Drake "Too Much."  Anything Disclosure.  J Cole & Kendrick: "Forbidden Fruit."   Any number of Viceroy remixes.

LKP:     Best request that you have received

One with lots of money

LKP:     Best rider request that had been fulfilled

Private plane.

LKP:     What are your plans for the future? You have invested in some pretty cool businesses recently.

Lots man.  Some cool video content stuff coming.  Some lecturing.  More tech stuff.  Really blessed!

Big thanks to MICK, take the time to answer my questions.. Be sure to check out the new look IAMMICK website for a selection of mixes!