Apes, is the resident DJ and, along with Seb Wildblood, the man to know at Church, one of Londons most successful bass music nights.

Tell us about why you started CHURCH? Did you see a gap in the market in London?

Not quite, Church was originally started as a night for me and my neighbour at the time (Seb Wildblood) to DJ at. We had just started up and wanted the chance to play out on the regular so creating a gig for ourselves seemed like the best option.

As a brand, you have built the night into a label, and taken the gigs international with some festival slots too in a relatively short space of time. Was this all part of the bigger plan when you put the first nights on?

 Apes (Church)

Apes (Church)

A label was always a dream that i never thought would materialise into a reality. After we started gaining some solid support and a feature in Mixmag, progressing our brand seemed like the next move. We waited for the right tracks which came from Happa, who was unknown at the time, but was making was perfect for making a sound we wanted to explore.

Thankfully there are some really great supporters out there who have flown us around europe to appear at gigs and festivals, we love to travel and meet people who love our label and we get some really great feedback from them. None of it was a plan as such, it's all completely organic.

Best venue you have DJ'd at?

Corsica Studios is our home for Church in London where we have all our events, the vibe is incredible. I'd say that venue is top because a lot of friends work and attend the club and the sound system is top.

I've also really enjoyed 'The Charlatan' in Ghent, 'OT301' in Amsterdam and of course 'Fort Punta Christo' the home of Outlook and Dimensons.

Favourite producers?

Ben Sims, Shed, Cosmin TRG, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada... the list goes on.

3 off the beaten track spots for drinks and dancing in London?

I'll keep this South London to narrow it down but:

1. Corsica Studios - excellent in house nights and label showcases, with a top system. 2. Bar Story - located in Peckham underneath the train station, perfect for 241 cocktails. 3. Hermits Cave- riddled with art fags, but a good selection of draught and spirits.

What tracks have you tried to squeeze into most sets in 2013?

I definitely mix up what i play and don't really have any tracks that i set out to play, however i always squeeze in 1 or 2 tracks from our label so:

Rumah - Stutter Viers - 0002 Happa - Bring it Back (Apes & Seb Wildblood Remix)

I have got some secret weapons i like to play to, but i won't reveal what they are haha.

Who are your inspirations? Anyone outside of music?

That's a tough one, family and friends are always inspiring because they have a lot of faith and belief in what you can achieve. I like to watch 'Inside the Actors Studio' interviews on youtube, guys like Johnny Depp who started at the bottom, broke and penniless, yet their determination allowed them to reach their dreams and receive that needed break in the end. People who work hard and fight to climb up the food chain.

What are your plans for 2014?

To make and release more music, as well as working on a couple new projects. Church tour, more festivals and more gigs.

Church, check your London listings for it!

How do you see DJing in 3 years.. I would have used to have said 5-10, but tech changes that fast now that its almost a yearly change for some. What format do you like using most?

Hopefully there will be more people DJing with the bare basics again, i prefer a DJ to play music with the focus of their concentration on the crowd and not their laptop and gizmos. There isn't much fun watching someone play auto-synced music which has been pre-warped, pre-cued and prepared for that night, it's just a bit boring and a bit pointless. So getting away from unnecessary new technologies would be great.

My favourite format is Vinyl, i'm not a 100% purist but i always feel most comfortable on the old technics. I do play CDs also for stuff i either haven't bought, would never be able to afford or for unreleased tracks from myself and others.

Finally, let us know about releases you have before the end of the year.

Before the end of the year i have 'Apes' 5am Jam' which is a remix of Seb Wildblood's Feel, which is coming out October 21st on Church White, our new sub label, 12" and digital.

As well as my first solo EP (12" and digital) Which is 2 tracks from myself and 2 remixes, that will be released on our main Church label as the follow up to excellent Viers EP we did a few months ago.

There will also be a couple free tracks going about before the year is up, including a compilation for Germany's 'Blank'.